Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mobile again......

... thank goodness.  Coffee with a friend, cat sitting for my son and a few doc's visits for DH, a printer which died just after I had replaced the cartridges (why does that happen) and the week flew by.  I have. though brought my 1 year of stitches piece nearly to an end.    So easy to completely ruin a piece by bad framing so it is probably going to take a while. Here is the piece as is.
This week I added the sun, much needed around here.  I learned how to make suns (and moons) from Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth . I started to make a little bit of the border. I can't do much more until I have decided on the mounting and framing.  So easy to completely ruin a piece with the wrong frame. I have done a little digital auditioning, what do you think?
I have spent a lot of time this week trying to make a book.   I was going to make a scrap journal with some old gelli prints but somewhere along the line  it turned into a book on a holiday we spent in St Ives a few years back.
One of the first things I did was make a cottage.
and the this piece of paper reminded me of the harbour so I added a couple of boats.
Loving the process.
Tomorrow we are off to do the laundry, in other words we are going to the cinema. I may be repeating myself here but to clarify, when we found that OAP's can have reduced rates at our local cinema on a Monday morning  it seemed like a good idea and we agreed that we were so much more fortunate than our grandmothers who spent their Mondays standing over a copper or a dolly tub doing the washing . Tomorrow's laundry is "Hidden Figures".
I think I have mentioned this before but Seth Apter has a new feature on his blog called  The Sunday Papers
Well worth following, it has links to some very interesting sites. Last week this had me wanting one of these, even if it was just a little piece.

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