Monday, February 29, 2016


is everyone as excited as me at the lengthening days. Just makes me feel better, hoping that warmth will follow soon as it is still a tad cold for a chilly mortal like me.
You are not supposed covert your neighbours goods but a friend of mine has a piece which I love.  It is a representation of a tin mine in Cornwall made in Cornish Slate and Metal.  I decided to have a go myself,    as I had no slate to hand I layered canvas here it is only resembling the original in composition.

My hexie quilt is growing slowly and serving double duty in keeping my knees warm. I found a fleece with a good black edge so that will be the backing , I thought I had nearly done enough but when I put them together I still have a long way to go.

Yesterday was great fun I went to see a friend in an excellent  production of Forbidden Broadway.
Funny parodies of  famous songs. What fun. Lots of clips from other productions on You Tube if you are interested.

I have had my Pinterest fix as per usual and this week the side of me that loves shabby chic is winning. I love how I swing between rust and lace, altering thoughts indeed.
I liked both these ideas which, apparently, started life as the middles of toilet rolls. Not tutorials but I think you can work them out.
From Vintage Inspired

The second one brings me to an interesting point about Pinterest.  I wich people would be more careful when chosing their
 links.  You have to have a link to the actual article not just the site, otherwise you spend hours scrolling through to find the item you want was posted years ago or worse you cannot locate it at all.
 This is the case with this one, I was unable to track down the original of these gift tags.
Pockets made from flattened toilet paper roll covered with old book page.... Good idea for cute notes:  

Looking forward to a visit to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show this week.  A little list of neeedles and such but I am sure something else will tempt me.

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