Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I don't know why.....

I like pictures of disintegration....perhaps it's my age....this morning I found this link on Facebook one of  the   Through our Hands posts.A collection by Katy Cowan.
One of my favourites.

 I have finally managed to dig out the paints and mediums.
The first was going to be something else and then turned itself into something akin to the view of Black Combe at the top of this blog. 
The "fence" is hessian. I guess I really am homesick at the moment.  The traffic chaos which is becoming the norm around Dartford has me hankering for winds off the sea.
The next one was based on a tutorial in the excellent "wabi-sabi Art Workshop" by Serena Barton.
 Making this gave me great satisfaction. 

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