Monday, February 01, 2016


...I started this blog on the 13th January 2006.  Ten years....feels like five at the  most.  Frightening at my age.  I have been very lax (lazy) of late in posting, in fact the last post was in November last year, so I feel I must give myself a good talking too and decide whether I am going to continue which, I feel, would have to be on a regular basis to have any value.  So while I am dithering here is a bit of an update.

We went to the Samuel Pepys' exhibition at the Greenwich Maritime Museum,  really good displays but perhaps more about the times than the man.

I was a cold and frosty morning one of the only ones this winter, because of the mild weather it looked more like March than January.(The ppor garden plants don't know whether they are coming or going)
Have you noticed how there is always someone in a red jacket when you want to take a photo?
I just love trees in winter.

I have been sewing, another chair back cover completed. This time I took an A A Milne poem for my starting point.
I really enjoy my mind meanders on these and am now looking for another cover to make a third.
For you exhibition last year I mounted the piece of faux boro I had made inspired by the work I had seen here and here . This was mine
I am thinking of taking it off it's mount and extending it, not quite sure how or even why.

One of the reasons for being so remiss with blog posts it the amount of time I spend on my ipad.  A good portion of it on Pinterest.. This is my page
I did think I would try to also mention some of the things I found interesting on here. This is a post on a Japanese artist Junko Oki which I pinned because of this image,

So....there you go.  We shall see.

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