Saturday, March 05, 2016

Disgusted and delighted........

Disgusted with Twisted Thread for their pricing policy at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia. £16.00 entrance to selling show seems rather greedy.  The show is no where near as big as Ally Pally so I hate to think what they will be asking for that in October.  Be careful Twisted Threat you will price yourself out of the market. Because I was still reeling I didn't buy a catalogue and of course I bought something but the trader hadn't put their card in and I haven't a clue who they were so if anyone knows the name of the couple who were selling reproductions of impressionists paintings on fabric can you please let me know because I would like some of their other fabrics.

Right, having finished moaning I can say that we had a very enjoyable day.  So nice to find someone that you didn't know about and who's work you loved.  Mary Sleigh , textile artist and bookmaker, great combination. This is what had my juices flowing.

It was almost the first thing we saw but I just had to go back at the end of the day for another look.They fold up into books but it was the delicacy of the fabric and the stitching that I loved.
Thank you for allowing me to photograph.

I worked out how to make the gift card and cotton reel from my last post.
Good fun and quick to make.
Well the show really gave me a creative kick and then our Maylands Textile Group meeting yesterday gave me another.  I counted up this morning and I now have ten projects vying for attention in my butterfly brain.
Better go and start something.

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