Monday, June 30, 2014

'Tis done........

for the moment anyhow.   I think I started this early in 2013 (seems longer) but it has many rests.  I have finally finished the kantha and the border.  I may at some later time add a little more embellishment to the creatures and the stones but for now it must rest again.
A couple of details

As ever my thanks go to Jude Hill who's work and  gentle teachings have led me down this path. I am now "Considering Weaving" with her, new paths.


Margaret said...

Such a lot of detail and lovely stitching you've put into this piece. There is much to draw the viewer in closer. I'll bet the texture is great. Would love to see it in person. :-)

sharon young said...

Oh this is so joyful, I love the animals and the tiny details, Jude's workshops do look amazing, I think I might have to succumb one day.

Sara lechner said...


Susanne said...

great piece of work Pat, congratulations

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Pat..came over to see more from
What if Forum and YES!....this
is just Great...Love the "path"
that could be stones, could be
bubbles...i love the Colorful
Energy of it....BeautyFull