Friday, July 04, 2014

Wk 24, Wk 25 and Wk 26......

Time to catch up, these were quickly done,Prompt for Documented Life  Wk24 was " Use book pages of text pages".  I used a book I had used for cleaning my brayer while gelli printing.  Then collaged  a die cut from another page.
Wk 25 was "Cover your page in hearts".  I again yurned to gelli prints which I had already collaged amd put them through the Sizzix to produce hearts galore, which in turn were collaged to another print.
Wk 26 "Add a bible verse that inspired you - or a line from a favourite book.  This kind of thing stops me in my tracks but then me old favourite came to mind. A A Milne's "Now we are Six".
Looking forward to the Wimbledon Men's Final and of course I will be glued to the Tour de France for the next three weeks.I am so full of admiration for the stamina of these men  3,664 kilometres in 3 weeks with onbly two rest days.    Hoping that everything goes well in Yorkshire, especially in Sheffield(DH's home town). I was tempted to go to London on Monday but decided, being a bit vertically challenged,  I would probably be better off with the TV, miss the atmosphere though. We watched it go through the last time it was in England and after a very long wait it went through in the blink of an eye, won't forget it though. This year, particularly,  I will watch it with my brother in mind.  It was he who introduced me to the sport and he loved it.  I will miss having him to answer my questions.

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susanne said...

I had to do catch-up for the whole May - it felt almost liberating when I'd got it all done in one big session. I love your 'quote' page.