Sunday, June 22, 2014

There will now be a short intermission........

As time was running out for spring cleaning a fair bit of my time recently has been taken up with things domestic. I have decided that I am not going to do anything else "creative" until I have finished my "Earth" all other projects (Documented Life,  etc.) are on hold. This will mean a massive catch up at some time but the cloth has been on the go for nearly two years now and I want it finished!
I have done yards of kantha stitching and have still more to do and then a bit of seed stitching and then the border.
I will be playing catch up on Jude Hill's "Considering Weaving" which has just started,  (You can still join ) but with Jude's gentle way of sharing that shouldn't be a problem.
Looking forward to a day at Wimbledon with my daughter tomorrow so hope the weather holds.

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Susanne said...

Enjoy the tennis