Thursday, April 16, 2009


Seem to be everywhere this week. First there was the Owl for Doodle day. This is my "Owls Nest"(put the apostrophe where you want!)

and with a little Paintshop Pro
"Night Owls"!!

The One Show on BBCTV had an animal photo competition this week and owls popped up in all the categories including this stunner by Stephen Durrant of Norfolk. No breach of copywrite intended. Good luck Stephen.

If you want to see a really aaah! owl photograph go here I found it when following a link to the USA EPA Earth Day 2009 site which has some stunning photographs.
Finally this mornning my friend Tony had a suprise from Australia, see here for a different kind of owl.
Now to go an see what everyone else has been up to, I don't dare look before I do mine.

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Val said...

Love your sketch Pat - and thanks for the great links.