Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Grey day

I have just spent an enthralling afternoon listening to the warm and wonderful Maggie Grey talking about transferring animage to stitch.

I am really looking forward to starting to work on my catalogues. Maggie brought the Icon one that is on her blog and it is wonderful. one of the most exciting parts was the way the moulded paper merged into the catalogue and or course the figure itelf.I can tell you I came home with my fingers itching, Maggie makes it all sound so easy, "you just......"

and this

and this

started life as this

That's what happens to you photographs when you spend the afternoon with Maggie Grey.
A Good Day, thanks Maggie and, of course, Clive.


Clare W said...

Wow I totally love your top image. That is so inspiring isn't it? I presume you have been Photoshopping?

jude said...

I'm going swooshing round the garden! I wonder if I can persuade my husband to spin the clothes line?

jude said...

I'm going swooshing round the garden. I hope to persuade my husband to spin the clothes line!

jude said...

I'll be swooshing a little later today!

Guzzisue said...

Maggie is always so full of enthusiasim for her subject, always inspiring. looks like it rubbed off on you :-)

hippopip said...

What a great day Pat,and I thought poor you it was raining when I saw the title

Maggie Grey said...

Hey Pat - I'm blushing!

Love those images.



Seth said...

This is such a cool process. Thanks for sharing the images.

sharon young said...

You sound like you had a great day, lovely results.