Thursday, September 25, 2008

Excuses, excuses....

If you look at the comments on the previous post you will see that I am in trouble for lagging behind in my posts.......Well here goes. Thursday 4.30pm, we were enjoying a peaceful afternoon, DH was playing patience and I was finishing off the knitted blanket for Electra(cat)when there was a sharp crarfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff(right on cue Electra moved across the keyboard to her current favourite position,right in front of the monitor!

To continue.. there was a sharp crack from the kitchen. We are used to birds hitting our large windows but we said "That wasn't a bird". Sure enough there was a hole in the kitchen cut a very long story short it turned out that our neighbours had suffered even worse than us. Some dear soul with a catapult(at first we thought air gun). It has been logged by the police and that is about all we can do...I know that since time began there has always had crime but one of the sadnesses of the modern world to me is the senseless destruction or defacement of someone elses property. Don't get me started!!!!

Friday afternoon 4.55p.m the computer crashed.....this weekend the computer shop was closed until Tuesday morning, well of course!!!!!

Sunday afternoon, 5.30p.m Oh no,I thought, here comes the cat she is going to knock over my can do it better myself...Coca Cola akk over my brand new carpet.

Did you really want to know why I was behind??????

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Unknown said...

some days don't you wish you just stayed in bed :)