Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last weekend was the Thames Festival. I enjoyed it so much last year I took a friend with me this year and so did everyone else.......it was packed. I may be that Saturday was the first time the sun has shone for what seems like forever.(Grey again today!!!!)This year we went onto Southwark Bridge to be met be this amazing site.

These lines of tables stetched the whole length of the bridge on both sides. People were buying food or eating their own picnics turning it into one huge street (bridge) party. "Gold" chairs to sit on, a centre piece like this

every couple of yards and a place "mat" at every table

Each one had a culinary disaster story on it. I could have spent the whole day just reading the tables. I couldn't find out who were the artists resonsible but they deserve some kind of achievement award.
These children were getting into the spirit of the thing, they were soaked.

My friend said, "I'm glad I don't have to take one of them home on the train!!!"

I found this on the excellent Bibliodyssey. How right he was. Feel sorry for the poor old silk worms though......
The Praise of the Needle

"To all dispersed sorts of ARTS and TRADES,
I writ the Needles praise (that never fades)
So long as Children shall be got or borne,
So long as Garments shall be made, or worne,
So long as Hemp or Flax or Sheepe shall beare
Their linnen-woolen fleeces yeare by yeare;
So long as Silk-wormes, with exhausted spoyle,
Of their own Entrailes, for mans gaine shall toyle:
Yea, till the world be quite dissolv'd and past;
So long at least, the Needles use shall last.."
[John Taylor, 1640]


sharon young said...

What an an amazing picnic site, looks wonderful, Pat.

Tony Morris said...

Today, 25th Sept, I send you my congratulations and Ken a gold medal for endurance, for the wonderful achievement of 47 years of marriage, well done you two!!
ps, get blogging you're well behind.