Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Tale of Two Challenges..........

Do you have time?

Sharon's June challenge said "They (stash) are either purchased or scavenged materials that have accumulated over time and as such they often have a story to tell. Or it is possibly more correct to say that stashes are full of stories. The interesting thing for textile practitoners is that these materials can take on another story. They can be made into something new and take on other meanings in someones life.".

At the last EG meeting our lovely Jane, who brings us useful things like pelmet vilene and thermolan, had some bags of bit and pieces which she was selling for the huge sum of £1, of course I couldn't resist, well I needed it didn't I? (Like the proverbial hole). Having seen the colours for Sharon's challenge I challenged myself to use this bag of pieces for the June TIF. (The woman is challenge mad!!!)

When I opened the bag this is what I found.

I I examined them I realised that these were probably all fabrics from a bridal shop.
I spread them out

I had thoughts on weddings that happened and those that didn't and thought about
a fabric book for stitchin fingers but that will have to wait a while
because on closer inspection I found that the one's outlined in red and green

were very interesting indeed.

The one outlined in red was a part of a very small bodice and remined me immediately of Degas' Ballet Dancer

(hold that thought)

The piece outlined in green was some kind of head scarf/bonnet made of organza petal shapes.

I went away to think some more about the TIF challenge. "So this month the idea to think about is stories that are and stories that are possible."

Stories...hmm I love stories. Those that are... the scraps of material. Those that are possible.......the (wedding) dresses. Stories...... my favourite story is still Cinderella. Charming version here.

and there it was I would make a dress which showed the "ARE".. the rags and the "POSSIBLE" .....the ball dress.

The proportions aren't quite right but I was determined to work with what I had, I added some sequins and some gold ribbon for the sash and some eyelets for the lacing but everything else came out of the bag.

This is the Cinderella dress front and back. It was very difficult to photograph but it will give you an idea. Here are a couple of close ups.

It is imperfectly made but it is an idea that could be developed at some time so I will tuck it away until that time arrives.


Tanguera said...

Cool idea. The dress looks very interesting.

sharon young said...

What a lovely interpretation of the challenge. I love what you've done here and photographing if as you have just adds to the story. Do I detect a hint of Mrs Haversham as well as Dega's dancer?

Guzzisue said...

absolutely brilliant idea, well done, love the use of the fabric scraps.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful interpretation of Sharon's challenge! Great use of the fabrics. Cinderella is also my favorite story, so I like this even more because of that...
Jill in the USA, who just discovered your blog tonight via the "Take it further" blog

muralimanohar said...

That is really, really nice. For some reason, I never think of sewing completely impractical, beautiful things like that. I always create with hard use in mind...but I would LOVE to make something like that little dress.

Purple Missus said...

Pat, I think this is one of your best blog posts yet.
The Cinderella dress is wonderful. What size is it? If its fairy size, maybe you could make a pair of those fairy shoes to go with it - you should be able to use some of the other bits from the bag.
You are surely at your best when you have a challenge in front of you. Well done you.

verobirdie said...

Lovely interpretation of the challenge! Congratulations!
Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Jacquelines blog said...

It is gorgeous Pat, and thanks for your explanation. It is more clear to me now!

Allison Ann Aller said...

How VERY interesting!

Magpie Sue said...

I love the way this developed, from 'rags' to 'ball gown'. Good on you!

Homeleightigger said...

I loved reading the process Pat - just magical. I also wondered how big Cinders's dress is - tried to scale it with the flowers but couldn't really. Wonderful interpretation of the Challenge. Val

MixPix said...

OOOOooo, lovely dress. When I read your post the little hairs on my neck stood up - I've been working with exactly the same materials - offcuts from wedding dresses! But making something very different with them. How wonderful it is that these coincidences happen.

neki desu said...

Just brilliant! great writing too

neki desu

fiona d said...

it's a magical and beautiful piece - I love the way you've used the fabrics, very special - I really enjoyed reading the story too.

Anonymous said...

Love the Cinderella interpretation. wonderful scraps to work with.
Judi S