Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Look what arrived today.........

well yesterday really, Maggie Grey's latest book "Image to Stitch" and it is a beauty.

I have only dipped in and out of it but it is full of inspiration and more importantly, information. Could'nt resist a little play last night this is the Calendar Girls 2008 picture for June

yes girls, I have started thinking.......

and this is what I came up with after trying out a couple of Maggie's suggestions.

I have printed it onto cotton,(the colours weren't quite so vibrant so I will have to play with settings).

Now what to do next? ....excuse me I have to go and have another quick read!


Doreen G said...

Holy cow Pat that looks great.

Susan D said...

Oh Dear another book for my list. Can't wait to see what you do with your piece.

Vicki W said...

Very cool!

Purple Missus said...

Oh for goodness sake, what are you like??? This looks really, really good. I love what you've done here. And I am so jealous you already have the book. Theres a hold up with Amazon at the moment. Didn't realise you could buy it directly (& signed) by the lady herself. So eager to buy the book, just went straight to Amazon :(

sharon young said...

Wow! Stunning colours Pat, did you do this in PS or PSP?
Can't wait to see how you translate this one :-)

Annette said...

Hi Pat, I did the same thing,ordered the book on Amazon, so I'm stil waiting. It looks great,can't wait.
What a super blog!

Susan said...

Hi Pat!
Thanks for the comments on my blog and especially for the website suggestion. The shop looks incredible and I've printed out the information so that we might visit. Do you know of any textile related exhibitions this summer? Also, where can I look for this new book by Maggie Grey?

Oh, Mathias is dancing in Birmingham...Wednesday, June 25. It is just cheaper for us to fly in an out of Manchester. Yesterday he called to say that he's dancing ON OPENING NIGHT...which is a really big deal....he was third of four casts for this role. We have to "risk" things when going to see him because the casting is rarely ever listed until very close to the actual performances...except for the principle parts. We don't know which (if any....God forbid!) dates he'll be dancing in Manchester. We only know what roles he's been cast to dance...but then "anything can happen". We will, however, be able to see both Giselle and the Stravinsky Triple Bill. Mathias dances in the Stravinsky too. So, barring an injury (another "God Forbid"), we'll see him dance something!

By the way....super nice colors on this piece. I also found your recent post on "finally catching up" quite insightful....and amusing. I think I got a 6% in chemistry too!