Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Meet my girls........

In the south east of England we are not having a good finish to Spring, the longest day is about two weeks away and we are having to put the lights on at 8pm. YUK. I hate grey, I would rather have storms than this dull, heavy, sit on your shoulders type of weather which seems to have been going on for weeks.

But today a couple of nice things happened. First a phone call to say that a friend of my husband's who had a stroke is now at home and doing fine and then there was my May Calendar Girls Card from Carol

The texture is wonderful and the flowers are like sunshine coming from behind a cloud(I wish). It is a geat addition to my collection.

So in the cause of cheering up.... Meet my girls! Inspired byJulie Arkaell I am in the process of producing these for my golf clubs.

When I showed them to my son he gave me an old fashioned look, "Well, they'll make people laugh" I said defensively....."Or step away" was his reply.
Fortunately they make people laugh, I think they have improved my golf and if not when I make a bad shot who gets the blame....?


Anonymous said...

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Vicki W said...

I think your golf club covers are awesome!

Purple Missus said...

So the idea is then that your friends are laughing so much at your girls they can't concentrate on the game? *LOL*
They really are fun Pat, I can see these popping up all over the blogs now :)

sharon young said...

These girls are wonderful, Pat , they'd cheer up any grey day and we certainly need all the help we can get there.

Jackie said...

I think 'General silliness ' is a perfect label for JAs 'Art' and your response is brilliant!

Pat said...

NB The general silliness is mine, I love Julie Arkells work.