Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Memory Game.......

it is going to be really interesting reading people memories as they start the TIF challenge. Two I have seen so far are Julie of Mixed Media and Carol-Anne of Threads Across The Web. Carol-Anne left a comment which brought two more memories back to me, my imaginary friend Millie Belter and the triple mirrors on my mothers dressing table which gave you unlimited people to play with if you angled them just right. It seems I have not quite outgrown this fascination as this is a photograph I had a friend take for me in the ladies of a cafe! Sad!!!

and then there was my doll Poppy..........Stop already!!!!

These are the material things as per the challenge,
going to bed by candle light and brass oil lamps which had to be polished, we didn't get electriity until after the war when we had our own generator.
Flat irons,Carol made a clever replica of one,
blue bags for whitening in the wash(a post for another day),
Clothes airing on a rack on the ceiling and on clothes "horses"
bread rising in a huge brown bowl on the Aga,
triangular bags of sweets which held the 2ounces from your sweet ration and ration books.
Stone hot water bottles like this one
photo from Virtual Victorians,
washbasins and jugs (with matching coap dish),I cry now when I look in antique shops!
Blackleaded fireplaces, and much later our first television with a 9 inch screen!!! There are two others that I think I am going to use for the challenge,more about them later.

Now to the present, later today I shall be slipping into my nightie and getting out a blanket so I can snuggle up with these two young men

and watch the Super Bowl. Everyone seems to think that Brady and the Patriots will walk it but I'm not so sure, Eli has a lot to play for. I love 'em both just hope it's a close game.


Doreen G said...

I have one of those wash basins and jug sets and mine also has a soap dish with a draining tray inside it and a jar that I think is a shaving mug.
We picked them up in an old antique shop (about 35 years ago) for peanuts before they became much sort after.

Carol said...

Thanks for the link to my blog Pat, what a complement! Love the mirror thing, would be a lovely concept for a piece, repatition, echoes love the idea. love carol t

Carol said...

Thanks for the link Pat, such a complement. I love the mirror thing, would make and interesting concept for a piece, repatition, echoes. Lovely idea. Love carol t

Susan D said...

It's going to be really interesting hearing what people remember. I'll let you into a secret we still use a clothes rack hanging from the ceiling to air our clothes.

sharon young said...

Hi Pat
What an interesting account of your memories, I can't imagine going to bed with an oil lamp, only in a power cut!
But I too still use a clothes horse, much to the amusement of my daughters, and i dry my washing outside on the clothes line when the weather is fine!
Have no idea about Super Bowl, but the guys look yummy LOL
Thanks for your comment on my blog post, I've almost ruined an A3 printer too, but I call it part of the 'learning curve'

Julie said...

Ooh yes, blue bags in the washing! And a tiny television screen, I remember that. Thank you for looking in at my blog and for the link :))