Monday, February 11, 2008

February flys by....

I have managed to complete my Calendar Girls challenge for February. I couldn't help noticing that the petals on the main flower had a heart shape. To see this months picture (and all the other wonderful interpretations follow the CG link)
I made some material by melting a plastic bag and Angelina and then cut them into heart shapes and put them between irridescent film.
I represented the vase by painting blue material with white acrylic dots.
I stitched the "petals" to the background this is the completed card.
My second attempt was the one I have sent to Joanna

The background is a piece of old music I then made the vase and the flower on the embellisher and added them to the card,I was particularly pleased with the white dots. I covered the whole with a pink chiffon and resisted the temptation to zap it as I was afaid of taking it too far.
This is a paper card I made with dried flowers.
The white spots on the background are done with bleach. I made a mess of the s of "friends".

Good felt tutorials at Living Felt and felting with children at Deeply Felt Studios More interesting memories by Fiona at love Fibre
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Doreen G said...

Pat- all three cards are wonderful and I really like the first one.

Dianne said...

Pat, your cards are all really lovely!! The petals on the first one have such a gorgeous sheen to them.

Purple Missus said...

Good grief, are you trying to beat me by doing more than one *LOL*
These are all wonderful again and I really like them all and would be hard put, once more, to choose a favourite.