Tuesday, August 08, 2017

In my head.....

....that's where I write my posts and then a week later I realise that I haven't actually posted them. This is long but there is good stuff at the end.

I have been making another junk journal, this time I decided to keep it monochrome. It is a fatty.
The cover is dupione silk. A few of favourite pages.

Last week I actually managed a trip to London, it has been so long.  Happily I chose the best weather day in the last fortnight so my wander along the south bank of the Thames was very pleasant. Southwark Cathedral
and a pub decked out for summer.
I was admiring this London brick when I was nearly run over by an electric car.

 Amazing never heard a thing just sensed it behind me, fortunately the street was very narrow and he was crawling along. A thought for the future of road awareness.

Main reason for my visit was the Giacometti exhibition at the Tate Modern. I loved it, I particularly liked the first room which was full of sculpted heads from all stages of his life, amazing variation of styles.   Unfortunately there was no photography allowed (they never have a postacrd of the one you want) and the signage, as at most exhibtions these days was dreadful
I liked this explanation of his thin figures, ".I wanted to hold on to a certain height and they became narrow - the more I wanted to make them broader, the narrower they got."
I took the obligitary shot from the fouth floor balcony
and then I crossed the bridge and wandered up to my usual stamping ground around Seven Dials.
I love it when I learn something new to me and yesterday I came across this video by Nik the Booksmith on how to make faux rust.    

This is my first attempt.
Love it!
and here is another video from Nik, Hobby Craft take note this is what a craft store should look like.

and this is a charity/thrift shop.
Mary Portas take note. 
Finally, snapped this whilst watching the London athletics on tv.
We live somewhere just over the horizon.

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