Saturday, August 26, 2017


 ......for ITAC 17  to Asia this time.  My first thought was the colours of India, so I  some tried making some paper on the gelli plate.
nice but it didn't have the intensity I was looking for. Anyway I still wasn't sure what I want to do except, of course, it would be some kind of book.  Then, hurrah! My eys lit on a booklet I had made quite a few years back.  We had a talk at the Embroiderer's Guild by Ruth Fox called Folded Secrets.She learned how to make these paper books from the Miao and Dong groups in Southern China.The women use these booklets to organise their threads, ribbons, paper patterns etc. Ruth had instructions for sale which I bought. She has since written a book but unfortunately it appears to be out of print as I can only find it referenced on Amazon at £55 a copy. Glad I bought mine.
So this is the one I made a few years back and gave away.

and this is the one I made for the challenge. First the papers and the large, Indian woodblock I used to print.
and the finished article with anything suggesting Asia that I could find in my stash.Paper and fabric from Japan and shisha ribbon from India. I made the little pictures on handmade lokta(I think) paper with some tiny woodblocks I have.

 and here with some of the fifteen pockets open.

I enjoyed making this though the math (never my strong subject) nearly drove me barmy as I had reduced Ruth's dimensions so that it would be nearly the same size as my Europe book. Just realised I need to put a title on it.
It's been a good week with a lovely stroll through Rochester with my good friend. We nosed in and out of charity and antique shops, bought a few bits in Francis Iles  and indulged in a suasage roll. Very therapeutic.
a couple of things today had me saying "What a neautiful world this is."One was the scenery on La Vuelta.  Physical Georgraphy was my favourite subject and the route between Lliria and Cuenca was like watching a lesson come to life. Founbd this picture but the website does not respond so I can't give credit but look up Serrania de Cuenca if you are interested.Image result for serrania de cuenca
A friend posted this amazing video

The next part of the ITAC challenge is Oceania, hmmmm.

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