Sunday, July 23, 2017


.....must be the summer but I didn't plan for my book to be rose themed but it decided that's what it wanted to be.
I wanted something that felt good in the hand so I made the cover out of pelmet vilene covered in fabric.  It worked, nice soft feel.
The best thing was I have had all the elements for years, so very satisfying to use them.  Thanks have to go to the girls for suggesting I combined two ribbons when I was dithering over which to use.
These are some of my favourite pages. The paper used here from a find in a charity shop.

 He wonders if they will fall.
 Parchment needs a seal.

 Three three treatments of a scrap of material, part of original scrap,  a digital collage and tag .
 and just a few more

It is an idea that has been done many time, You Tube has hours of videos but I had a great time making it.  As has been said many times it is the doing where the satisfaction lies.

Main event of today is hoping to see Chris Froome carry the yellow jersey all the way to the Champs Elysses. I have loved my annual virtual visit to France, so many good memories.

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