Wednesday, August 30, 2017


...not often I am ahead of myself but I have actually finished my little book for the ITAC 17 Challenge.  The theme this week was Oceania. A couple of things which  immediately sprang to mind Aborigine art and the strange statues of Easter Island
How to translate the thoughts into a book......Because it was thinking statues I wanted it to stand  so I took a child's board book which I had from my altered books days, printed off a photo of one of the statues and traced and cut. Ouch,this board book would have survived the roughest child..
I gessoed and painted
and I then got completely carried away and forgot to photograph any of the intervening steps. So here is the completed book.

 I reduced the pages so I could just have Land and Sea.
This is Land
 and Sea
I loved doing the dots in homage to Aborigine art. Waiting to see what the next continent will be without a thought in my head. Should be interesting.

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