Saturday, April 08, 2017

A week off.........

well not exactly.....last week was our long awaited exhibition and I am happy to report that it was very well received.   We had some really nice comments in our visitors book which pleased us all. Where I failed was not taking as many photographs as I thought I had but this is a small flavour.
This is a general view of the room, with our "Tea Party" centre stage. There was also 4 other tables and a sales table.

It was very popular.
Some of last years teddies helped hold my tea bag bunting. I am a little(a lot) disappointed with the way the framing of my Homeland turned out.   Not sure what's wrong, the frame, the mount?  Perhaps one day I will work it out and change it.

My tree piece was finished on time.
I have cobbled together 4 photographs to give you a suggestion of a lovely panel made by my friend. Hopefully if you double click you will see it closer.

These are another of her exhibits.
and her quilt set off our group project rainbow,

.This was a mixed media piece by another friend. Fabric and pottery.

I don't know how I missed our group challenge of the gloves.  Fortunately I took a few photographs a while back.  For the challenge pairs of gloves were separated and hidden in paper bags. We each chose a bag and were forbidden to tell which glove we had.  Then we had to alter it. When the pairs were put back together it was very surprising.

My piece is the glove reaching for the clock. I called it the thief of time, thinking how time passes when we are absorbed in creativity of any kind.  

Exhibition over, mind turns to what next.  I have finally bought Janie Crow's Mystical Lantern pattern.  I have started, whether I will finish remains to be seen. I must find something to continue my 1 Year of Stitches.

Today I went to the Craft Show at Ally Pally, It wasn't spectacular but had improved since the last one I attended and I managed some satisfactory shopping. There was a strange balance, thousands of dies for die cutting but no machines or accessories. I did manage to replace my cutting plates but only after a long search.  I bought some Versafine pads which I hadn't used before. Looking forward to playing with new toys,

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