Sunday, April 16, 2017


......on the 1 Year of Stitches front.  I think I stitched myself into the ground in the run up to the exhibition and at the moment have no desire to pick up a needle or even any ideas of what to do.  My second fail this week has been the garden. This was my garden last weekend
As you can see the lawn is in need of some TLC, this patch in the corner has refused to grow despite repeated seeding and plantings.  So we decided to replace it with an artificial lawn, having admired a neighbours lawn over the last year. Due to mis-communication (one of the modern evils)  instead of being able to show you my wonderful new lawn this is what the garden looks like today
We have to wait until next Friday, very frustrating because the weather is good and all the blossom is out.  Heigho!
Look at my beautiful yellow rose, it is called Rosa Xanthina or Canary Bird it only flowers once but it is worth it to have such brightness in the garden at this time.

Deutzia just burst in the last two days.
This is a joy in my son's garden
 The chestnut tree opposite our house has it's candles too so Spring is well under way.

My one success this week has been to finish a junk journal.

a few favourite pages

I have started to make the Mystical Lanterns pieces.  
Good for something to pick up and put down.

This week looking forward to a play day with The Girls and hopefully getting the lawn put down.
Hope you have a successful week. 
Happy Easter.

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