Saturday, March 18, 2017

Something to play with.......

.... I have a lot of toys and some I haven't played with for a while.  With last weeks Sunday papers there  was a supplement which had great fashion pictures on a rather nice paper and I suddenly wondered if Citra-solve would work. Haven't even thought about it since this post  in 2011. To my delight it worked
Then I wondered what would happen if I put it through a stencil?
That worked too.  I thought they would make good backgrounds so I scanned them in and then I played a bit more. I combined them digitally in  Paintshop Pro..

this one used one of Seth Apter's stencils.
Here are the stencil masks I used. Please feel free to use.

Now I want to incorporate them into some kind of book pages. We'll see.

Week 11 in 1 Year of Stitches and my little clump of trees looks like this.

I have prepared things for the exhibition, a bit of a chore,  I love making, not too keen on finishing off.
Some time ago I made these art prompts
Wanting to play with paint I drew out three, funnily enough they turned out to be March,Rain and Peeling Paint

Here it is tidied.  The tree is made from a technique I learned from the late Renate Keeping, on memorable visit to ~The Keeping Gallery.

This has gone in my "Because I Felt Like It" book..


Amanda said...

Citrasolve is a strange stuff isn't it! Love your prompt cards. Would you mind if I pinched that idea?

sharon young said...

Wow! What a feast for the eye, I love all your colourful experiments, and your trees are beautiful.

Caro Wiebe said...

Fabulous work! I especially love the one published on the ARTifacts page.