Monday, January 02, 2017

It won't last......

....not just a pessimist, I know myself ...but while it lasts.  Here is the firt day of "1 Year in stitches"

I took me ages to actually start and then came "Yellow Brick Road " we will have to see where it leads.  It doesn't look very inspiring but it has already sparked another idea.

Last night watching Tom Brady do his stuff, I made these "journal" pages.(I have no intention of keeping a journal, like I said, I know me.  Butterfly mind and a difficulty with finishing off.)

Gosh that man is inspiring! 
 Seriously,  great fun, I haven't done anything like this for ages. A while back I found that if you use sticky tape, my preferred is Scotch Magic, you can remove imagaes from the Sunday paper magazine supplement. The little red berries in the first picture and the strip along the bottom of the second were done this way. I like the magic tape because it has a matt finish. 

To inspire you .

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