Sunday, January 22, 2017

Half way.....

....through January, where did that go? The good kind of winter weather though, frost and clear blue skies.  Possibly a third through my 1 Year in Stitches piece but who knows what is still to come.  Still obsessed.
Livestock and mountains have appeared. All a bit of a cheat really.  I find myself thinking of things from my childhood but they have to be altered for the sake of "art". The sheep should be Lakeland Herdwick sheep but their grey coats didn't show up well enough and the Lakeland hills are rounded by the Ice Age and not sharp like the Alps but they do get snow on them,.  The cows are what my sister would call "proper" cows i.e black and white but at the moment it looks as though one of them is a goat, slight adjustment to be made I think.

I sais last week that I was looking to see the film La La Land and comment.  We saw it.  Best I say nothing.

My Pinterest find this week was the artist Kimmy Cantrell  I love his sculpture faces.

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