Sunday, January 08, 2017

First week .....

...passed in a flash.  This is what happened to the yellow line.  Not the Yellow Brick Road after all,(well it might be) but something triggered in what I laughingly call my brain and suddenly I was thinking Hundertwasser
I have long wished I could see some of his work for real, fascinated by the complexity of the shapes and love the wonderful colours.  So here is the beginning. For scale this is in a n 8inch/20cm hoop/
Remember that teaser, well it was a sort of "Wot I did on my holidays" except I was a home but I made it over the Christmas time .My inpiration was a picture I saw on Pinterest, I do wish people would make their links to the actual post not just the site. It took me 20 minutes to backtrack until I came to the orginal to that I could acknowledge it.. It came from this post
 This is what it turned into.

The background is part of an old pair of linen trousers.  Now what to do with it?
I had a huge beef this week with the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show    I received an email offiering a discount on entry tickets, after last year when we were horrified at being charged £17 "on the door" I thought I would take up the offer.  When I applied nearly six hours before the deadline it rejected the code, after several tries I gave in.  We will NOT be going to the show this year.

John Lewis had taken one more row off the haberdashery department in Bluewater and allowed Mac cosmetices to play music.  Shame on you.

I also managed these this week. 


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