Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Oh my goodness........

Just look at this post from the wonderful Seth Apter, a retreat he hosted in Taos, New Mexico.  What a fantastic time they must have had  filling these Cabinets of Curiosity. I can only dream.
Sometime ago I started my own Box of Curiosities and reading Seth's post today really fired me to go and take another look at it. :I think it could do with some of the excitements that the group made.

Might just go and have a little play.


Debbie said...

I know I haven't commented but I have found your last few posts so inspiring. I love the bits of work that are yours and the ones that haven't been. The long piece from about three posts back, amazing. Love your little hare and the figure and also the boxes. Seth Apter's workshop looked amazing, anything do do with boxes and cabinets, cant resist. Thank you for showing all this.

Seth said...

Hi Pat. So happy to see you were inspired by my retreat in Taos. It was an amazing experience. Have fun working in your own box of curiosities!