Thursday, March 24, 2016

All the usual excuses........

..for not posting.  I have found time to sew though.  The panel I bought at the Knit and Stitch at Olympia has had a few stitches added,


and is now a cushion.
I also made a little Mandy Patullo type hare.
He is about 5inches across. Not quite sure what to do with him now.
 Had a great day yesterday with a very talented friend.  She showed us how to make these little people.
Mine is on the right.  Loved how different they were.  She has promised to start a blog soon so I will let you know.
So sad for the people of Belgium.  We lived there for a few years and my son was born there. So many happy memories.

We had one glorious day this week so we did the Spring tidy on the garden, so satisfying but still a lot to do.
We are having new windows installed soon, unbelievable the stuff that accumulated between the door and the window in the spare room, so back to the clear out.

This blew my mind, as I couldn't ice a cup cake, just look how small it is.  A Happy and Peaceful Easter to all.

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