Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's in the print.......

On Friday my daughter arrived for her Dad's birthday with a wonderful present for me.
A bag full of old newspaper.  The newspaper was found when she had some windows replaced and is dated May 2, 1922.   It was a copy of "The Star"  a tabloid London evening Newspaper which just happens to be the evening sister paper of the News Chronicle where I worked when I first came down from the north, unfortunately it closed a few months after I arrived.
I worked in the newspaper library. Every morning the Librarian would mark  the articles to be cut from all the newspapers and then in the afternoon these were filed in manilla envelopes. The men did the news and the girls did the people, we each had a section of the alphabet, can't remember mine exactly but I know I had the P's as I remember filing Judge Pennycuik(because of the unusual name) I hated the Daily Telegraph because it use to continue  it's stories onto another page, double cutting.
So a few memories in the bag. Breakfast in the Black and White Milk Bar on a Saturday morning.  Felt very sophisticated and exciting.
This image from Getty Images ( breach of copyright intended) is a good few years earlier but it hadn't changed much.

I have just started to try and straighten the pieces as best I can, very careful ironing,  it is very brittle of course and could take a while but today has unearthed a few treasures.  Some intriguing headlines

 and one that I sent to my "touring"daughter.
Who can do all those things. Currently playing Madge in "Top Hat"

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