Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Busy Weekend......

This weekend was our long awaited exhibition which was held in the Lecture room of a local garden centre, (unfortunately for my bank balance my favourite garden centre Coolings  but that is another story)

Here is a flavour,
We had examples from group challenges like "seed packets" (executed before we knew we were exhibiting at a garden centre)
and jigsaw pieces with the theme "Spring"

 Me and my friends had decorated vintage napkins which we turned into boxes here we have "
a box of boxes","a seed box" and "a red box"

There is also my friends heart which I should have done more in close up.
One of our most successful exhibits was the table of teddies (and a dog)

It never fails to amaze me how you can start with the same thing, the bare bear in the middle, and each individual creates something unique.
My Seth Apter piece became the centre piece of our table devoted to books and fairy stories.
It is now taking centre stage in my hall way.
On Saturday we played hookey especially to go to the Renegade Craft Fair in the Truman Brewery in east London.  I am sorry to say it was quite a disappointment. I don't know what they are like in New York, Los Angeles and the other venues the advertise but we found the London version,  instead of being far out and innovative, to be no more exciting than the usual craft market in Old Spitalfields. Such a shame.  The most exciting part of the day was finding this glorious graffiti wall.
The weather here is very warm for April which is very welcome and we have spent the last two days putting our little patch of garden to rights.  Today under the bird feeder I found this strange black growth.  It was very difficult to photograph but is I say it resembled fine black wire wool it might give you some idea. It was quite metallic in character.

My Google investigation leads me to believe it is a fungi which come with either Niger seed or black sunflower hearts.  Whatever, it looked vaguely evil so it has now been removed.
One more day of warmth promised for tomorrow and then back to normal.
 Looking forward to "Cinderella" at the cinema tomorrow and a workshop at Sew Not Strawberry Jam this weekend with Jessie Chorley.

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