Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Jessie Chorley Workshop......

another great day at Sew Not Strawberry Jam we arrived to find the workroom had been adorned with bunting by Jessie and she was already sitting stitching as she greeted everyone.
So much to look at,  Jessie is a very generous tutor both in materials and ideas.  The theme of the day was to make a journal, we glued and stitched, talked and laughed and feasted on the delicious lunch, biscuits and cake provided by Sam of SNSJ, another generous lady.
 These were some of the "toys" we had to play with, I lusted over the rubber stamps of pages from an old French children's book whcih Jessie had found.  These are our books, mine is the one on the right.
Today was another of the un-seasonally warm days so we made the most of it, just in case this is summer. I sat and stitched in an effort to try and remember some of the things Jessie showed us.
(I think my scanner need cleaning)

We decided the magic words of the day were "and then", a little different from "what if" but just as exciting.A thing of wonder that all my favourite tutors teach hand sewing with vintage fabrics and yet they all have such individual character. I am looking forward to the book Jessie is bringing out in August and hope to re-visit her shop in the Columbia Road .

I could go to SNSJ without taking a few photographs of the Shepherd's Hut  (before the sun came out)
the Studio

and the geese.

Off to see A Little Chaos tomorrow, trying to pack things in as DH is due to have a rather nasty operation in a couple of weeks.

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