Saturday, May 16, 2015


I am sorry for the long silence.  DH has been in hospital and that has been taking all my energies.  Happily is now home and hopefully will soon be back to normal. 

This morning I found this

It is on show at the British Library until the 28th July so I hope I can get up to see it. The Magna Carta exhibition is on until September.  Having very definite London withdrawal symptoms at the moment.


Margaret said...

Oh, Pat! I know what a trying time it is with a DH in hospital. I hope he's being a 'good' patient, and that he'll be well and home again soon!

liniecat said...

Gosh hospitals aren't really a place to relax in for visitor or patient!
Hope recovery comes soon : )

Susanne said...

Hope you both get your strength back soon - like Margaret, I know the sort of thing you been through ,and it is exhausting.