Monday, June 30, 2014

'Tis done........

for the moment anyhow.   I think I started this early in 2013 (seems longer) but it has many rests.  I have finally finished the kantha and the border.  I may at some later time add a little more embellishment to the creatures and the stones but for now it must rest again.
A couple of details

As ever my thanks go to Jude Hill who's work and  gentle teachings have led me down this path. I am now "Considering Weaving" with her, new paths.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

There will now be a short intermission........

As time was running out for spring cleaning a fair bit of my time recently has been taken up with things domestic. I have decided that I am not going to do anything else "creative" until I have finished my "Earth" all other projects (Documented Life,  etc.) are on hold. This will mean a massive catch up at some time but the cloth has been on the go for nearly two years now and I want it finished!
I have done yards of kantha stitching and have still more to do and then a bit of seed stitching and then the border.
I will be playing catch up on Jude Hill's "Considering Weaving" which has just started,  (You can still join ) but with Jude's gentle way of sharing that shouldn't be a problem.
Looking forward to a day at Wimbledon with my daughter tomorrow so hope the weather holds.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wk 23....

Sorted out my week numbering for Documented Life, this week we were asked to document a reason to be grateful every day. I decided that it cam down to one thought every day.  I used a gelli print and a postcard I bought at Mandy Pattullo's workshop, so this is my page.
This is my "illuminated letter" for Sara Lechner's challenge. 

and this my garden page which has to have a wire added yet. 
I am about 2 weeks behind but my excuse is that I have done yards of kantha stitching on my Earth quilt.  Hoping to reach the end soon.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A most enjoyable day........

that was Saturday when we went on the long awaited workshop with Mandy Pattullo.. Their was a warm welcome from Sam  and her magical studio at SewNotStrawberryJam made us Ooh and Aah with envy. Their are some really good photos of the studio, before we all arrived, on Mandy's blog here. See what I mean? This was the huge central table piled high with goodness.

Mandy had supplied everything we needed and shared her supplies and  techniques in generous measure. Just waiting for us to dive in.

 She had templates to use and had also said we could bring a picture. Now I may have mentioned I like owls so here is my work from the day, not finished yet .
He sits on a piece of vintage quilt which Mandy provided.  She showed me the difference between putting on eyes which you thought were OK(orange) and searching and searching for just the right shade.  It was all a lot more difficult than it looks but so enjoyable.
We were lucky with the weather and we sat outside for lunch

 beyond the geese stands the Shepherd Hut.
It made me think of your shed  Sharon . A magical space. The day ended far to quickly and what I haven't mentioned yet is the best ginger cake I have ever tasted.

 I am begging for the recipe.
Mandy is promising to be back next year, so book me in. You can find other courses at SewNotStrawberryJam here
Great day.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Wk 21.....

Struggling here, life getting in the way a bit.   Documented life was "Draw a House" not my strong suit but here it is.
Last week was the Prism exhibition at the Mall Galleries, always interesting and there were some pieces I liked a lot. I think this was my  favourite. "Brown is a Slow Colour" by Liz Harding.
but I loved these by Charlotte Sewell.
Old ladies at a bus stop with the caption "More than meets the eye".  When you lifted the flaps they revealed the interesting occupations the old ladies had in their past. From Show Girl to Aeroplane Pilot.

Appreciated by one who has been rendered invisible by grey hair.  
These were fun too.
Wednesday I met my daughter and we visited the small 150th  Anniversary exhibition at John Lewis. 
A mock up of the original shop front.
Part of the counter inside, I would like those drawers
and I really wanted this sample book.

This week is really busy, some boring (dentist) and some exciting, lunch with a friend I haven't seen for a while and a workshop with Mandy Patullo. something nearly everyday complicated by son's request to look after his cats for a week while he is on a business trip.  See you when I surface.