Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Wk 14 for Documented Life was Write your name and embellish it. I am not a fan of my handwriting so I chose an alphabet stencil I bought at the V&A with no clear idea of what to do and this is what happened.
Don't know why I should connect the letters with barbed wire?????
I treated myself to Sherrill Kahn's Mixed Media Master Class book

 and for the last few weeks I have been trying out some to the techniques I hadn't tried before. This is using textured copy paper and paper cord. 
and this was following a tutorial combining techniques.
It remind me of sailing into St Petersburg in the morning mist. I am so pleased with the book. it really gets the juices flowing.
This was something I meant to put up a while ago.  I collaged all the bits of paper that were lying around  my desk top and this rather Lord of the Rings landscape just appeared.  Well that's what it look like to me.
Al the mounts are digital to give me an idea of how or if to frame them.
Desk top is due for another tidy so who knows?

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sharon young said...

You certainly are keeping busy, Pat, I love the blue collage, it's so great when you do something abstract and then it takes on a life of it's own. I can see tower blocks in this one.
Thank you for your comment on my blog post, yes I think Verdi'll definitely be a tea drinker extraordinaire, living with me. I'm tempted to make her a travel bag so she can come with me everywhere :-)