Sunday, April 06, 2014

All behind.........

I am really chasing my tail this week. My computer was due in for it's annual hoover and in addition needed a bit more ooomph and changing from Windows XP so it was away for a few days, add two sunny days gardening (bliss), a haircut, Maylands Textile group and a visit to Excel for Creative Stitches and all challenges went into the background, So in an effort to get back on track ....
WK 13 Documented Life was "Ask someone to draw on your page -finish it."
This was the drawing my friend produced.
and this is how I finished it!
 for the Craft Barn Challenge the words were Flower or Travel.  Flower chose me as I started singing a very silly song.  "In the Flower Garden of  My Heart" is a Rogers and Hart song from the show "Pal Joey".  The scene is the "rehearsal" of a Follies Type number,my daughter was in the Bristol Old Vic production in the early days of her career and I have never forgotten it. Gelli print background and collaged flowers cut from magazines and put through my Sizzix,
If you click on the picture you should be able to read the lyrics ,if not you can read them here (No 10), they really are silly(and clever)
ADDENDUM - I was too late for the challenge.  Sorry I didn't get round  everyone else.
I bought this at Creative stitches yesterday, very relaxing to do, just need to think of some applications for it.

Onward....still have my runner to do.


Ms. said...

Chasing my tail too but only in small slow steps, punctuated by lots of naps. I have a new phone, lost all my numbers when the old one died--BUT--can not figure out the 50 plus pages of instructions in order to program the new beast to do what I need done. I've only managed to get an outgoing message and time and date on so far. I'm extremely vision challenged and have to ask for neighbors help. People, no matter how caring, have so little time and patience I may never figure it out. It rings, I can answer but that's all for now. It really throws me into a limbo I dislike. But the sun is shining and the weather mild. Life--dark and light as always.

sharon young said...

Oh Pat, your interpretation of your friend's sketch is wonderful, it looks like a really quirky poster you'd see on the underground, brilliant!
I love the flowers too, really sunny on this frightful wet Monday morning.
Life certainly does get hectic sometimes, but still it keeps our brains active :-)

Susanne said...

love your DLP wk 13 - tongue firmly planted in cheek????