Friday, April 18, 2014

Antique Road Slow...

not one of my usual mis-typings but a trip to the Antiques and Collectors Fair at Ardingly.  It was the day of the horrible and tragic accident on the M26 so a round  journey of  80 miles took five hours but it was worth every moment.  We were completely unprepared for the scale of the event.  This was first sight that greeted us.
This vast room filled with four rows of stalls. Where to start?  We wandered through one side and then decided to take a look outside as the sunshine was glorious. My photographs cannot capture the miles of stalls, the web site says there are up to 1700.

It was all too much for this couple.

I reluctantly left behind the wonderful set of drawers with their enamelled number which looked as though it had come from the glove department of The Paradise and settled for a brass thimble instead. I also left behind a piece of really antique fabric which will haunt me for ever, unless I find it next time I go. Great day out in spite of the traffic.
I see the weather is due to do its usual thing and pour down for the  Holiday but I hope you have a Happy Easter in spite of it.


Ms. said...

Have a beautiful resurrection weekend.

Margaret said...

I do hope that antique fabric stays put till you find it again! Love antique shows...the browsing is always fun. And your 'stuff' (in the UK) is usually older than most of ours (here in North America)...

Easter Blessings! (We're having sleet here for Good Friday.)

sharon young said...

We went to an agricultural show at Ardingly about 35 years ago, it was brilliant and huge, we always said we'd go back but never did.
I really hope you find your fabric again one day, I hate it when I do that.
Wonderful pic of the couple on the chaise longue.