Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Yesterday I went to the Boro exhibition at Somerset House and was deeply moved. These cloths made by the poor from scraps of material and then patched and mended now look like works of art, my only criticism was because they had been mounted the back wasn't visible and it was hard  to judge the thickness. The effect they had is quite difficult to put into words so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


This last one made me think of the land from the air.
Oh how I would have loved to touch.
I would like to try to get back for one more visit before it closes on Saturday as opportunities to see such wonderful pieces doesn't come very often.


Ms. said...

These are indeed wonderful Pat. DO share them with Jude Hill at "Spirit Cloth". I would have posted at my Face book page but you have no link here. Hope you get to see it again and post more.

Margaret said...

Oh. They are powerful mounted but to have been able to see the reverse side would have been a gift, too.

Caroline Moore said...

Hi Pat - it was lovely to meet you at the exhibition and to experience the beautiful works with someone who understands the need to touch the art - I have some photos also on my blog of the exhibition including one of you taking a photo :0)

jude said...

glorious! and touch, yes.

Sara lechner said...

wonderful fabrics!!! the colours are so organic.