Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weekend again...

I see this year is intending to travel at the same speed as last year.  I have just spent really good day in London. The weather was glorious, bright and crisp and this young man was looking very proud of himself.

It was a day that made you look up.

The main reason for the visit was the  Designer Crafts exhibition at the Mall Galleries. Lots to see and admire, stand out for me was the work of  Batool Showghi. If you like Mixed Media go look.
We wandered up Regent Street discussing what used to be where and into Liberty  to gasp at the prices of the, undeniably beautiful, fabrics but longing for the days when a remnant cost less that £12.95. Margaret Cooter has a very informative and link filled post on the big London department shops of yesteryear
We tottered along to John Lewis as Liberty no longer sells satin bias binding and and finally  to The Cloth House No 47 Berwick Street. such a lovely shop and people.  It was good to see it filled with so many young people choosing fabrics.

A good day but now self imposed challenges need to be addressed.


Margaret said...

Glorious day, eh? And thanks for the memories...I saw that "young man" 'up close and personal' 40 years ago... Amazing how well he's aged... ;-)

sharon young said...

What a great post with lovely pics, thanks for taking the time to share. I remember the Cloth House years ago but haven't been to London, for a very long time.