Thursday, January 23, 2014


Before Christmas I bought a white "tree" from Hobby Craft and we had it decorated with tiny lights and silver baubles.  When it was time to take the decorations down I decided I liked my "tree" a lot . Of course, it couldn't stay as a Christmas decoration and then inspiration struck and I decided for January and February it would be decorated in hearts. I have had fun making them in as many techniques as I could think of, both paper and stitch. I just make one when the mood takes me.   I added a little bird and a couple of paper butterflies. It usually stands on the table in front of the mirror.
but I took this against the wall for clarity.
 My plan is for March and April I will replace the hearts with eggs, when I change them over I will try to remember to take a photograph of the hearts.
In case your wondering, the snowscape painting in the background is not by me, I is by Canadian Artist Bill Zuro.
First Embroiderers' Guild of the year on Saturday, so I better put my sewing head on.


Clare Wassermann said...

Lovely - I want one!!!

sharon young said...

What a great idea, Pat, and so clever to give the tree a use all year.

Suztats said...

Such a great idea! I could see a crystal tree (I have all the crystals from my Mom's chandelier) that would look wonderful against a mirror making the reflections doubly beautiful. It would be perfect in my studio! Hmmmmmm...........I wonder.......I'll have to find myself a great branch.......Thanks so much for the inspiration!