Monday, January 06, 2014

I've started..........

........but will I finish?  I was taken with the idea of The Documented Life Project. Plan to use a Moleskin planner and acting on weekly prompts fill the planner for one year.  I bought a small planner, as my handbag is always full to bursting,  and realised that this was going to get unwieldy pretty quickly. So, I already had an A5 sized sketchbook and decided I could if I scanned them I could use the entries from the diary/planner and create my documents in them.   I am wondering if I can sustain responding to a weekly challenge. The prompt for Week 1 was

January 1 Challenge (Week One) - photograph, sketch, paint or incorporate your front door. 

 So I "incorporated" my front door into the kind of house I dream about.  This one is Scotney Castle in Kent


I bought this charming book 
 and tried out a few flowers,
This is the diary page with a little collagraph I made as Art Van Go.

In tandem with this challenge I decided it would be fun to try and stitch an event from each week and create a table runner by Christmas.  If there is nothing outstanding I will add some stitching.  Here is our eventful journey on Saturday,
The rain doesn't show up very well but believe me it is/was there.

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sharon young said...

Wow! This looks very exciting, loving the start you've made, I'm sure you'll have great fun with it.