Wednesday, February 20, 2013

In need of inspiration????

I seem to be being bombarded by ideas at the moment, not complaining you understand.  Rather that than sitting scatching my head.  Having had sparks fly at Textiles in Focus on Sunday this moning I found this on Neil Gaiman's journal

Intrigued I headed here and then here for the stories.  I have only read two but WOW.  What an amazing ideaand what an imagination he has.
Reading the January story I suddenly had an mage in my head, I wish I was properly able to interpret what I saw in my mind's eye.
I called it Happy New Year.

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Margaret said...

Blackberry, the sponsor, being a Canadian company, I'm intrigued...and will read on.

But...just a note to let you know I sent you an e-mail about a gift I want to send you from my check your "junk mail" or spam folder in case it went astray...and/or check my blog post for Tuesday Feb. 19... :-)