Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First stop......

on the Big Road Trip and my this brought back some memories.  We visited New York for two days about 20 years ago.  We arrived in the evening and I will never forget the first glimpse of that famous skyline, lit up in the dusk.  Our hotel was just off Times Square and we(I) couldn't wait to go and look. I can remember pinching myself as we walked round the corner.
We packed a lot into the two days including a trip up the Twin Towers. We saw the statue of Liberty from afar but this is as close as I came.

My goodness I was so young. Just after this was taken the heavens opened, just like it rains in the movies. Heavy. Thankfully not for long.
On our second night our friend took us to see his New York, Little Italy, good fun and good food.
I did this collage sometime ago but I have given it a digital frame.It is not New York specific but I thought it fitted here. 

I have thanks Marit for a stirring the memories, I have been wanting to go back ever since and haven't quite given up hope just yet. Yes girls,  that would be some trip.


Ms. said...

hey===seeing your New York of twenty years ago--I understand a tourist excitement.I've been living here since 1069, and now, welcome the morning sound of a blue Jay in the early morning after a night of sirens, look up stretching toward the sky when I walk about, avoid Times Square like the plague, and resent the lights obscuring moon and stars. For me, the best thing about Manhattan is that there are food stores open 24/7. Of course, there are the parks, the museums, and the old neighborhoods with their still ethnic twists amongst the Newer architectural glass monstrosities, and there is the sheer energy of the place. New York is for the young, I think, and perhaps for the tourist just visiting. My New York, the New York of my youth, no longer exists.

Seth said...

I really love your collage. It definitely has that "New York feel"!