Monday, April 18, 2011

My secret's out.....

In September 2009 I saw this on Sharon Boggon's blog and I wanted one. At the same time we started to plan our 10th Annniversary exhibition at Sevenoaks EG. I decided to make that my deadline. 18 months. No problem.  Having no idea what I was doing I set about making blocks and it all turned out bigger than expected. I finished two weeks ago! It is also rubbish to photograph.

It does not have the level of embellishment that I would like.

I will put it away for now but I intend, perhaps next winter to add some more seam treatments. At least it will keep me warm.

Our exhibtion was a very successful. I will try and get permission to post some photographs, it really is great to belong to such a wonderful group. I was delighted to have  Lynda Monk visit.  We had a super workshop with her and hopefully she will be coming to us again soon, in the meantime I am looking forward to her article  on Workshop on the Web in June.


Diane Kelsey said...

It looks amazing already. I love adding embellishment to patchwork. Lynda Monk is so inspirational, Chelmsford EG have booked her for a second workshop next month. The majority of us who took her first class couldn't wait to book for this workshop.

Margaret said...

What beautiful work! Bravo!