Sunday, April 03, 2011


My mind is full of hearts....the Whispering Hearts experience had started and I am thrilled.  I call it an experience rather than a class because Jude's presentation is so intimate it is like having a friend gently talking to you. For some reason my very first thought on the subject was "two hearts as one" and this is the result, both these hearts have one inside the other.
You may recognise the cloth from my dyeing experiments. I don't want to give too much away because that is not fair to Jude but I am so excited with the way my mind is working.  After the last few months, which have been quite stressful, it is lovely to be able to focus and let my mind relax and wander. I have also started my Journal making class but due to the fact that I couldn't find something this morning my plans to make my pages went by the board.

I have lost my cord maker. It looks like this.
I have searched my room, it was always kept in the same place and it has vanished.   I thought, blow it I will buy a new one but when I found out they were £15+ I decided to look some more.It is so frustrating.because I know that two months down the line, when I am looking for something totally different, I will find it. Grrr.

P.S. Sitting stiching hearts last night when I suddenly jumped up, went to my room looked in the box where I keep my wires and stuff and there it was. Hurrah.


jude said...

does that twist cords?

thanks for kind words, and your gentle hearts.

Clare Wassermann said...

oh yes I'm following Jude too!