Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fragments for a Wedding....

These two pieces are pure serentdipity.  I was having a much needed clearing of my workspace. combining it with sitting in our unaccustomed warm April sunshine. I came across two pieces.One was an experimental building which I made when following the Beasts workshop with Jude and the other was some pieces I had put together as part of the Whispering Hearts class I am taking at the moment. The church made me think of the Royal wedding on Friday. I reached for a needle and this is the hearts.
 Given the weather forecast for Friday the "sky" seems appropriate.
This is the "abbey"
If you click on it you can see the little fragments of bridal lace which have been moving around my workroom for some years!  The tree on the righthand corner was made on ages ago on a  couronne which of course also translates as crown.

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Clare Wassermann said...

Wonderful - and hasn't today been fabulous?