Monday, March 15, 2010

The sun is shining......

the birds are doing their thing.  Yeah.

This morning, inspired in part by Lynda's blog and part by a Mother's Dat gift from my son of some holographic embossing powder (along with some interesting papers) and probably by the sunshine, I had a little play.  Ages since I've done anything like this.

I unearthed a piece which I had made when taking the workshops on Fibre in-Form, Scrunched up torn fabric, stitched onto pelmet vilene I had painted it with blue and bronze acrylics from Atlantis Art Materials and then I started in with the holographic powder.  I was still lacking something so I dug out my gold flakes and added them till I was happy.

I then mounted it behind a samll gold frame, it is only just over 5"x5"
The may be a week to go but as far as I am concerned today is the first day of Spring.


Stitchety Grub said...

Looks gorgeous Pat - very sumptuous! Yum! :-)

Purple Missus said...

This is gorgeous. It was wonderful before but the frame really does add something.
Holographic Powder is a new one on me - must look out for it.

JenJen said...

That's beautiful!

Robin Z said...

Absolutely wonderful - I can only imagine what it may be like in real life.

I just found your blog and must say it is inspiring me to try yet another artistic medium. . . as if I need more ideas!

I make jewelry, quilts, alterations, embroidery, greeting cards, window embellishments. . . ack! ack! I LOVE colors and shapes and anything that has anything to do with them -
I must do anything with them.

See you around!

Robin Z

Odile said...

I like this work. It is very wonderfull.

sharon young said...

What a great piece, Pat, can see you were dreaming of sunshine, looks perfect in the frame.

lindacreates said...

This turned out beautifully. I am inspired to get some of my unfinished pieces from the same class out and think about framing them. Great job!