Wednesday, March 24, 2010


today it was  warm enough to brave the draughty station platforms so I took myself to London.  I had a special reason for wanting to go up, for some time I have been following Margaret Cooter as she took a foundation course in Art and Design at the City Lit college in London.  Today was the first day of their graduate showcase. I enjoyed the exhibition as a whole but I thought Margaret's little corner was very special. Named "Journey" and made of paper clay tablets on long fragile legs it is a piece which changes from every angle.

This is the base of the "staircase"

which Margaret describes as being like those "we find ourselves climbing constantly in nightmares"
On the wall was part of her "travel writing"the aim of which is to "draw a straight line ata constant speed, perhaps pausing at station stops - making real-time records of invisible spaces.
Here Margaret is showing her current piece of "travel writing"

also in the photo is Sandy Snowden who I was pleased to meet along with Carol Wilkes, and we had a lovely discussion about rust dying.  How civilised is that?  ( I'm sorry I didn't get the gentleman's name)

On they way out there was more of Margaret's work. 
I loved these. 
Apologies for the standard of the photographs, my proper PC is in dock so I haven't been able to tweak. It is always good to meet fellow bloggers and this was no exception. More if my super day out later in the week when, hopefully, I will have my machine back.


Clare Wassermann said...

it looks really interesting. a nice day out huh?

sharon young said...

What a treat, Pat, Margaret's work is beautiful and i love her supporting pieces as well, thanks for sharing them with us.