Thursday, November 13, 2008

Narcissi in November.......

still a few Sweet Peas left too....
Just behind these early birds you can see the dreaded catalogues....this is what they look like in their full glory.

I see Maggie has suggested that it is time to bring them in, I would like the one on the left to have one more wetting. I will miss them out there, perhaps I will put another in their place.
Time to catch up with my other experiments from Maggie Grey's online tutorial which accompany her book Textile Translations
The outside

The inside in progress, I liked this effect so just enhanced it a little.

And here is the finished article

It has taken days but it was great fun and hopefully I wuill take up Maggie's challenge to use the technique on a shape of my own devising.
This is what I made out of one of my other Maggie experiments

and finally when I went to tweak one of the photographs of the teepee in PSP the Brightness/Contrast was on still on the setting from my last play and this is what it gave me.

Click on picture for full glory.


Maggie Grey said...

They look great. Don't bring the catalogue in until it is soaked right through - you could always turn over a new leaf!



Genie said...

Lovely work, great to see what everyone has done on maggies class.

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

Aaaaagh your wraps are delicious - good enough for M&S food hall ! How did you get that lovely green?

Julie said...

Beautiful work here Pat. Ilove the wrap, lovely textures and the leaves look very effective.

My catalogues are looking similar to yours. I've started drying one out, it's a bit slimy! Your tower is great. I haven't started this project yet.

Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous. I love the colours you have going there. I'm hoping to play next week, have just finished my last assignment for the year Yeah!!!

Apple said...

Great work and I really like the colors you used!!