Saturday, November 08, 2008

The nation votes.......

No, not THAT election (can any human being attain that level of expectation, we can only hope!) I am talking about Strictly Come Dancing....I am nailing my colours to the mast here. I love Austin and Erin but I adore Ian and Jodie, there is something about the chemistry between them which makes them great to watch though I think the BBC Wardrobe should remember that they are dressing a model, they have not been kind.(once a wardrobe mistress always a wardrobe mistress...for Pam) Unfortunately the judges didn't like either of my couples tonight so fingers crossed. I think, when the whole series is over (OH NOOOOOOO!), I will always remember John stomping across the floor dragging Kristina behind him. (I'm giggling now!)

Now to weightier matters.... Fibre-in Form experiments. This is the before and after result of acrylic paint.

Reminds me of "Little dabs of powder, little dabs of paint...makes a litle lady look like what she ain't." Sort of sums up what we do now I come to think of it!! Transform things, I mean.

This is on a wallpaper and scrim sample

These two are using ink on gesso some paper stuff and on couched threads and gesso.

Too much fun, just not enough free hours in the day, how did I ever have the time to go out to work????????.........

Some of you may have noticed some comments from Tony,(DH of my BF) if you want to see some stunning bird photography and some interesting pictures and stories from an English village visit him here,


Susan D said...

How I agree about some of the costumes on Strictly. Some of last years for Letitia Dean didn't do much for her did they. I haven't really got a favourite this year but I'm so glad Cherie Lunghi is doing well, gives hope to ladies of a certain age :)

Tony Morris said...

Letitia, looked OK to me. The problem this year is that there are 5 or 6 couples who would have been good enough to win in some years and next week one of them will drop out because voters think it's a comedy show.
Dear Pat, I think I have a separate extistence as well as being "DH of BF" whatever DH is, BF I've worked out, I presume it's not bl**dy fool.